2010 Recipients

$46,800 in donations

This $2000 grant will help provide programs in creative arts, life skills, leadership and service to youth in the Palos Verdes and South Bay communities.

This $10,000 grant will be used for the new Family Resource Center which will include an expanded child-care center and after-school programs. This agency was one of Whitney’s favorite volunteer mother- daughter activities while we were in NCL and Ticktockers.

This $1000 grant will provide ongoing support for a 26 year old young man, who is a quadriplegic as result of a car accident, and his helper- monkey Kasey.

This $1000 gift to Holy Family Services will be used for programs that touch the lives of babies, children and birth mothers.

This $5000 grant will be used to a) provide scholarships to the neediest school children so that they can visit the aquarium and experience the wonder of the ocean, and 2) to purchase an underwater camera which will be linked to children at the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA so that they can experience the LBAOP while hospitalized.

This $1000 donation to Walk like MADD will support educational efforts regarding the dangers of drinking and driving.

This $4000 grant will fund two $1000 college scholarships for high school graduates and three continuing scholarships (i.e., one $1000 and two $500) for college students, all of whom have demonstrated academic success and great financial need.

This $10,000 grant will help PTN to create an outdoor playground area which provides creative and adaptive space for the children to explore , play and create. This agency was one of Whitney’s favorites during her Ticktocker days as she loved Camp Escapades and the Leaps and Bounds Program.

This $1500 grant will help to build a brighter future for the children at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles by supporting pediatric clinical research and imaging.

This $650 grant will enable five family members of hospice patients to enjoy a musical concert and special evening of entertainment and provide momentary relief from the grief of losing another child in the family.

This $4000 grant will provide four $1000 scholarships to junior college students and/or transfers to four year colleges who are preparing for a career in child development, teaching, and or related fields involving children.

This $1000 grant will provide scholarships for children with autism so that they can experience free surf camps.

This $1150 grant will provide educational activities, donations to the library and art and music supplies for the students at this K-12 setting for those with severe learning, behavioral and emotional challenges.

This $1500 grant will assist with scholarships for economically disadvantaged Harbor-area children so that they can experience a private school education and achieve against the odds.

This $2000 grant will enhance the quality of life for children with cancer by providing them with positive group experiences.

This $1000 grant will assist with mentoring support programs and special events for children of parents and siblings with cancer.