MADD Walk 2009

Walk Like MADD 2009 Recap

Dear friends,

Please excuse this semi-form letter. We wanted to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you to each of the over 153 people who “participated” in the “Walk Like MADD” event on September 26th in Long Beach. “Whitney’s All Stars” were well represented. This year we actually organized three teams:

Whitney’s All Stars – 79 walkers and 51 virtual walkers
Family for Whitney’s All Stars – 23 virtual walkers
Palos Verdes Police Officers – 20 officers as virtual walkers

Thanks to those who walked!
Thanks to those who walked and donated!
Thanks to those who cheered us on from afar as virtual walkers!
Thanks to those who cheered us on from afar as virtual walkers and donated!

As you know, the purpose of the walk was to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.  We were glad to have so many teenagers walking with us and we were very impressed with them. We spoke to them and relayed the horrors of drunk driving—not just for the victim, but for the victim’s family and for the individual who chose to drive drunk.   We hope this conversation was meaningful for young and old alike; it is all about making responsible decisions.  If we can spare even one family the horror we have experienced, then it will be worth all our efforts!

In addition to increasing awareness, Whitney’s All Stars also raised a total of $6050 in donations, which will be used by MADD in their community education efforts.

We are also happy to report that this week Gov. Schwarzenegger signed into law the bill, for which we advocated, which makes it mandatory for first time DUI offenders to install an interlock device on their car which will prevent them from driving drunk.  Had this law been in effect, the young man who hit and killed Whitney might not have been behind the wheel in November 2006.

We thank you for making all of the above possible.  You will never know how much your support means to us.  For those of you who like to plan ahead, the 2010 walk will be Saturday, Sept. 24th.


Marlene and Steve Young