2018 Annual Report to our Donors

November 5, 2018


Annual Report to Our Donors


Life goes on…one cannot deny that axiom. Whitney’s friends are getting married and having babies. I learned recently that one close friend will become a DAD on Nov. 16th —the day Whitney died. How wonderful that a sweet little baby will bring joy to the world and warm feelings to that date!

We have exciting news to share! First, our donors generously donated $115,442 in 2017 and so far in 2018, we have received $78,000, which means our total income for twelve years broke the million-dollar mark—$1,0333,576!!!!! Marlene is decreasing her time at Little Company and will be devoting more attention to WYCF fund raising. Second, the WYCF website is up to date and WYCF has joined social media. Take a minute to check out our sites: https://www.facebook.com/whitneysfoundation/ and https://www.instagram.com/whitneysfoundation/. Finally, we have two new official (but unpaid) “employees”: Siena Mills will coordinate social media and Tina Quinn will administer the website and annual fund development.

Tina wanted to share a few words: “We give to WYCF because we know Marlene & Steve are committed to acting as fiduciaries for us, their donors and supporters. The research and detailed selection process they go through to determine which organizations will be the beneficiaries is very deliberate. We love that they emphasize smaller charities with specific programs where the WYCF grant can make a difference in that organization’s ability to really help children. Marlene & Steve are doing the research that we don’t have time to do ourselves. We trust them completely and love that they cover all expenses so every dollar we donate to the WYCF goes directly to a children’s charity.”

The Foundation was born out of tragedy. But as we long for Whitney in our lives, we — Steve and Marlene, Logan and Jonathan and their families—are extremely proud and grateful for what so many have helped us to accomplish in her name. We celebrate:

  • The wonderful charities we have touched…in 2007, (our first year) we gifted $18,900; in 2018, we gifted $123,200 to 27 very deserving organizations, which help us to fulfill the mission of WYCF.
  • A grand total of $990,100 gifted to deserving children’s charities since 2007
  • Special friends like… the amazing ladies of PCCH who once again met a $10K challenge grant for the Literally Healing book program at CHLA…the NCL Peninsula Chapter which carries on the Walk for Whitney with MADD… Paul Hamada who generously donates each year and arranges a company match…NCL mom Kerry Olson who encouraged her Theta alumnae chapter to direct philanthropic funds to WYCF.
  • MADD and their educational efforts which we applaud

Thanks to each of you —-for allowing us to continue to be Whitney’s parents through the Foundation

—-for making a difference every day in the lives of children and young adults.

Logan, Jonathan and their families will be joining us for a wonderful Christmas and Whitney will be with us in spirit.

With love and gratitude for being part of the WYCF journey.


Marlene Young, President         Steve Young, Secretary


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