2017 Annual Report to our Donors

2017 Annual Recap Letter for the Whitney Young Children’s Foundation

Special thanks to:

  • Our donors…whose generosity in 2017 totaled an amazing $115,442.46
  • The wonderful charities that we have touched…in 2007, we gifted $18,900; in 2017, we gifted a record $150,550 to 29 very deserving organizations. Acting as a fiduciary for our donors and supporters, the beneficiary selection process is very deliberate. Emphasis is placed on smaller charities with specific programs where the WYCF grant can make a difference in that organization’s ability to carry out their impactful programs. We always strive to fulfill the mission of the Whitney Young Children’s Foundation which is to encourage children and young adults to triumph despite life’s challenges and to dream, live, love and laugh in ways previously unimaginable.
  • Special friends like… Harrison Mills who adopted WYCF as his family Christmas project and raised over $5000 to buy adaptive bikes for challenged kids through Red Star Riders… the generous ladies of PCCH who once again met a $10,250 challenge grant for the Literally Healing book program at CHLA…Pam Lopez and Kimberly Blessing who sold candy and healthy snacks for WYCF at Steve’s law firm…George Chakalis for naming WYCF as the charity in memory of his wife Evanggelia whose dear daughter had received Whitney’s liver… the NCL Peninsula Chapter which carries on the Walk for Whitney with MADD… Paul Hamada who generously donates each year and then faithfully has his company match the donation.
  • MADD and their educational efforts which we embrace….in 2017 Marlene and Steve spoke to two Los Hermanos groups about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Since 2007, WYCF has gifted over $866,350.00 to deserving children’s charities. We personally pay all administrative and operating expenses. Thus, it is still true that every dollar donated to the Whitney Young Children’s Foundation is gifted to carefully selected children’s charities and, of course, your gift is tax deductible.

Thanks to each of you —-for allowing us to continue to be Whitney’s parents through the Foundation—-for making a difference every day in the lives of children and young adults.

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