2015 Annual Report Letter for the Whitney Young Children’s Foundation

2015 Annual Report Letter for the Whitney Young Children’s Foundation

To All Prospective Donors

The Whitney Young Children’s Foundation was founded in 2006, when our youngest child was hit and killed by a hit-and-run, drunk driver. Whitney loved kids and she had a special way with them and we decided to honor her memory by supporting children’s causes.

This Foundation was born out of tragedy, but has given us much for which to be grateful:

  • For our donors…..whose generosity in 2015 totaled $117,425!
  • For the wonderful agencies that we have touched… in 2007, we gifted $18,900 and in 2015 we gifted a record $130,305. As you can see from the enclosed 2015 recap, we made gifts to 27 very deserving organizations. Acting as a fiduciary for our donors and supporters, the beneficiary selection process is very deliberate. Emphasis is placed on smaller charities or is restricted to specific programs where the WYCF grant can make a difference in that organization’s ability to carry out their impactful programs. We always strive to fulfill the mission of the Whitney Young Children’s Foundation which is to encourage children and young adults to triumph despite life’s challenges and to dream, live, love and laugh in ways previously unimaginable. We have added several new organizations –our personal favorite is a charity which provides adaptive bikes to special needs children so that they can ride with their friends, grow in strength, and most importantly in confidence as they are included in “normal” activities.
  • For special friends…. like Siena, Marley and Harrison who adopted WYCF as their Mills Family Christmas project, collected over $4000 for WYCF and then purchased hundreds of new books for the Literally Healing Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles…and Ted Dodd who repeatedly donates proceeds from his Dodd Bro Golf Tournament to WYCF…and Pam Lopez who sells candy for WYCF and conquers excel and mail merge on Marlene’s behalf… and Crisell & Associates who graciously underwrite tax preparations each year for WYCF…and NCL Peninsula Chapter which carried on the Walk for Whitney with MADD even after we retired and NCL Class of 2015 which honored Whitney at their Medallion…and donors like Paul Hamada whose company matches his generosity and doubles his donation…and Kitsa Treantafelles who graciously provides clerical assistance.
  • For MADD and their educational efforts which we embrace….We are always happy to talk to groups of young people about the dangers of drinking and driving so keep us in mind. Through the MADD walks, we raised over $55,000 for their education efforts.

Our hearts go out to the parents of Katerina—the young woman who received Whitney’s liver in 2006—who passed away in November. They were so grateful for the nine extra years with their daughter that they named WYCF as a means to honor Katerina’s memory.

Since 2007 WYCF has gifted over $581,050 to deserving children’s charities. We personally pay all administrative and operating expenses. Consequently –it is still true that every dollar donated to the Whitney Young Children’s Foundation is gifted to children’s charities and, of course, your gift is tax deductible.

People tell us …time heals…but the pain of losing a child never ends; however, you do learn to live life and embrace life with a broken heart and you do experience joy in your life. We are honored to be able to keep Whitney’s love of children and her incredible spirit alive through her foundation. We are amazed to see how these donations make a difference every day in the lives of children and young adults.

With love,

Marlene Young, President
Steve Young, Secretary

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